Canoe tour on the Skellefte River

Two weeks in the wilderness – combined river and lakes tour in the heart of Lapland

Our canoe tour in Lapland starts at the headwaters of the Skellefte River, one of Scandinavia’s largest rivers. The combination of narrow river courses with wide, lake-like sections make this tour extremely diverse.


Our canoe tour in Lapland starts at the headwaters of the Skellefte River, one of Scandinavia’s largest rivers.

The combination of narrow river courses with wide, lake-like sections make this tour extremely diverse.

The current is light, but makes the trip much easier. Carry sections are virtually non-existent and we can enjoy the unspoiled silence of nature to the full. From the canoe, we experience a typical Lapland region, which was used by the Sami as a hunting and grazing area for thousands of years. Dark conifer and birch forests, rich in fauna and rolling mountain ridges, which alternate with rough cliffs, dominate the scenery.

Even today, you are unlikely to encounter many other people, but will often spot elk and reindeer. Golden eagles and osprey can also be seen in the skies.

We leave everyday life behind for a couple of days and concentrate on life in the Lapland wilderness. A life in which we have to do everything for ourselves and which is therefore almost unimaginable for many. Searching for and setting up camp, collecting wood, cooking, maybe even fishing or collecting mushrooms and berries... we are at the mercy of the wind and weather and have to rely on ourselves.

An exciting adventure for the whole family....

Max. 6 persons per trekking tour.

We would naturally be pleased to organise your individual trip for you..
Just name your desired date.


The fastest way to reach us is by plane. For flights to Stockholm-Arlanda, we recommend,,, sowie oder an.

From Stockholm, you continue your trip to Luleå with or to Arvidsjaur with nach Arvidsjaur. We will then pick you up from there.

A scenic alternative in summer, when the sun is setting, is a journey on the night train from Stockholm to Älvsbyn. In this case, you could also fly to Stockholm-Skavsta with Ryanair and then take the train.

You can find more information at, or by contacting us directly.

We recommend booking your flight and train travel early.

Please arrive by 7:00 p.m., as we would like to explain the function of the items of equipment, discuss the course of the tour and check your personal equipment on the evening of your arrival.


Day 1:

We welcome you on a fantastic and exciting canoe tour in the heart of Lapland. We pick you up from the airport/train station and take you to the arctic-mountain-team guest house, where you will spend the night.

Day 2:

This is the morning on which we start the tour. We take the minibus to the starting point at Sandviken near the Norwegian border. This is where you will be instructed in paddling. You will learn how to control a canoe and how to move in the boat. We place great emphasis on safety. After a quick lunch on the beach, we start on the first, short stage.

Day 3-13:

After familiarising ourselves with the boats and paddling on the previous day, in the coming days we enjoy the solitude and purity of nature in Lapland. The current slowly takes us south and we are able to travel without any great effort. We determine the length of the stages at our leisure. Once we have found a perfect place for the night, we pitch our camp directly at the water’s edge, wherever we please.

Life in the camp is then quickly organised. Everyone joins in and helps look for wood, kindle a fire, pitch the tents, cook dinner, etc.

We prepare our dinner at the fire. Sitting by the camp fire is always something very special. Our menu consists of berries, mushrooms and fish that we have caught ourselves. Directly from nature, any fresher is impossible.

During the tour, you have many opportunities to take fantastic photos or to go fishing. For anyone interested, we also go on short excursions into the surrounding mountains and forests.

Day 13:

Today we reach the end point of our trekking/lake tour and are picked up once again. Back to the arctic-mountain-team guest house where we spend the last part of the holiday (after a relaxing shower) with a delightful evening meal..

Day 14:

The trip home is upon us and the plane or train awaits. We can look back on an eventful and relaxing time. Everyone back home is looking forward to the stunning photos and stories.


No prior knowledge is necessary. You should be enthusiastic about experiencing nature and be in good condition.

You can find a list of personal items in our "Lapland Guide" (PDF-file). If you need additional equipment/clothing, we would be happy to help.

All tour participants carry their equipment/provisions with them in a backpack.

The focus is not on athletic performance, but rather on experiencing and relaxing in nature.

As we are away for several days, we naturally expect every participant to help with the daily chores, such as cooking, making a fire and chopping wood. We place a great emphasis on team work.


The following services are included:

  • All transfers from/to the Luleå Airport or from/to the Älvsbyn train station as well as to and from the tour area.
  • Accommodation in the arctic-mountain-team guest house on the first and second-last day of the trip as well as all accommodation in tents during the tour
  • Guided tour with German-speaking tour leader, but we also speak English and Swedish
  • Food and drink during the entire trip (starting with dinner on the day of arrival and ending with breakfast on the departure day), except for alcoholic drinks
  • Equipment: 3-C canoe for 2 persons, including paddles and life jackets, waterproof bags, tent, sleeping bag, trekking mat, cooker, dishes and cutlery