Kungsleden - Hiking in Europe’s Last Wilderness

The section between Saltoluokta and Kvikkjokk is one of the most beautiful of the Kungsleden. It passes through part of the renowned Sarek National Park, which is generally referred to as Europe's last wilderness.


The section between Saltoluokta and Kvikkjokk is one of the most beautiful of the Kungsleden. It passes through part of the renowned Sarek National Park, which is generally referred to as Europe's last wilderness.

For 5 tour days, you will enter a unique world of snow-covered peaks, icy glaciers, vast lakes and wild rivers as well as an unbelievable tranquillity, which you can only experience far from civilisation.

All of Scandinavia’s wild animals live here: elk, reindeer, brown bears, wolverines, golden eagles and ospreys... Elk are particularly numerous in the Rapa Valley and (reclusive) brown bears can sometimes also be seen. Huge herds of reindeer also live in the high valleys that we hike through.

With a bit of luck, we will be able to observe and photograph some of these animals.

Our daily stages are between 13 and 20 km long.

The primary focus in on enjoying nature and the tranquillity. Adequate time for rests and photography along the way is always planned.

The ascent of the 1,184 m-high Mount Skierfe is scheduled mid-week. From here, we can savour the unforgettable view of the world-famous landscape of the Rappaädno River Delta.

We spend the nights in a cosy mountain hut, with kitchen, toilets and bedrooms, which await at the end of our daily stages. Here, we get a chance to relax, eat well and spend a comfortable evening in the light of the setting sun.


The fastest way to reach us is by plane. For flights to Stockholm-Arlanda, we recommend www.germanwings.com, www.airberlin.com, www.swissair.com, www.flysas.com sowie www.lufthansa.de oder www.tuifly.de an.

From Stockholm, you continue your trip to Luleå with www.norwegian.com or to Arvidsjaur with www.nextjet.se nach Arvidsjaur. We will then pick you up from there.

A scenic alternative in summer, when the sun is setting, is a journey on the night train from Stockholm to Älvsbyn. In this case, you could also fly to Stockholm-Skavsta with Ryanair and then take the train.

You can find more information at www.sj.se, or by contacting us directly.

We recommend booking your flight and train travel early.

Please arrive by 7:00 p.m., as we would like to explain the function of the items of equipment, discuss the course of the tour and check your personal equipment on the evening of your arrival.


First Day:

You are picked up from Luleå Airport or Luleå or Älvsbyn station and spend the night in our cosy arctic-mountain-team guest house with dinner included.

The equipment, course and any outstanding questions on the upcoming tour are discussed in the group.

Stage 1:

After breakfast, we drive to Kebnatz, from where we will cross over to our starting point, Saltoluokta, by ferry. The first day of the tour first takes us through a birch forest, but this is soon followed by a trek up to the plateaus, where you can already feel the solitude and wildness of nature. We spend the day in a landscape created by huge glaciers during the ice age. In the evening, after 20 km, we reach our hut at Sitojaure, in which we quickly make ourselves comfortable.

Stage 2:

In the morning, we take the boat to the starting point of today’s hike. With a boat trip of roughly 4 kilometres across the Sitojaure and a 10-kilometre hike, this is the shortest stage on our tour and we have time to appreciate nature, collect mushrooms and berries and observe the animal world. On the trail over the plateau towards Aktse we often come across large herd of reindeer. In the afternoon, we reach the hut in Aktse, where we will spend 2 nights.

Stage 3:

Today, the ascent of Skierfe with light daypacks is on the programme, and we will make a move early in the morning. The first step is a short rise to the plateau and then a slow ascent towards the peak. From Skierfe, whose western face drops vertically by about 700 m, you have a spectacular view over the entire Rapa delta, the world heritage site. At its centre is the Nammasj, a rock in the turbulent waters and, on the opposite bank of the river, you can see the mighty wall of the Tjakkeli. Impressions that you will certainly never forget.

Stage 4:

After breakfast, we take the motor boat across the Laitaure and take another moment to enjoy the view of the Rapa Delta and the mountains with their stunning glaciers. We continue through a virgin forest before we can once again enjoy the view after a short ascent. In the evening, we descend to the Parte hut.

Stage 5:

Today, we have our last daily stage of 18 kilometres before us. The trail first takes us through a valley created by rivers before we cover a short ascent and follow the path through an untouched, typical northern Swedish forest area. We reach Kvikkjokk in the early afternoon. We take the minibus back to Älvsbyn, where we spend the final night of the tour and enjoy a pleasant joint dinner.

Final day:

The last day in Lapland has begun. After breakfast, we take you to the airport or train station. Your eventful days in the land of the northern lights have come to an end. .


For organisational reasons, the tours either start in Kvikkjokk or Saltoluokta.


No prior knowledge is necessary. You should be enthusiastic about experiencing nature and be in good condition.

You can find a list of personal items in our "Lapland Guide" (PDF-file). If you need additional equipment/clothing, we would be happy to help.

All tour participants carry their equipment/provisions with them in a backpack.

The focus is not on athletic performance, but rather on experiencing and relaxing in nature.

As we are away for several days, we naturally expect every participant to help with the daily chores, such as cooking, making a fire and chopping wood. We place a great emphasis on team work.


The following services are included:

  • All transfers from/to the Luleå or Arvidsjaur Airport or from/to the Älvsbyn train station as well as to and from the tour area.
  • Accommodation in the arctic-mountain-team guest house on the first and second-last day of the trip as well as all accommodation in mountain huts during the tour
  • Guided tour with German-speaking tour leader, but we also speak English and Swedish
  • Food and drink during the entire trip (starting with dinner upon arrival and ending with breakfast on the departure day), except for alcoholic drinks
  • Boat crossings with the motor boat (with rowboats between 17/09 and 23/09)
  • Equipment: trekking poles, gaiters, any hut ticking if not available