Trekking in the Lapland wilderness

On this tour, we enter one of the most remote parts of northern Scandinavia and savour a hot, dry summer or a colourful autumn above the Arctic Circle. Join us in Europe’s last great wilderness. An exciting and relaxing holiday with numerous unforgettable impressions awaits.

Due to the available time, the one-week tour takes place in the Kungsleden area between Saltoluokta and Kvikkjokk. But, for the most part, the campsites are far from the trail. The trek also includes the ascent of Mount Skierfe, with its impressive view of the Rapaädno River delta, a simply unforgettable experience and the highlight of the entire area.

For the 14-day tour, we start in Kvikkjokk and follow the Rapa Valley to the north. We climb Mount Skierfe with a view of the impressive Rapaädno River Delta and cross the river several times. The trek continues into the heart of the Sarek, past the famous “Rovdjurstorget” (Predator Square) and we hike through the enchanting Sarvesvagge Valley. At the end of the valley, we follow the park boundary towards the south and encounter the Padjelantaleden, which we follow to Kvikkjokk.


The trekking area is above the Arctic Circle, around the two large national parks Padjelanta and Sarek, part of the Laponia UNESCO world heritage site.

It is also described as Europe’s last wilderness and is doubtless one of the most impressive regions in Scandinavia. The hiking in this area on a trekking tour is absolutely unforgettable.

The Sarek and the bordering mountains are more difficult to access than other parts of Lapland.

To preserve the original state of the region to the greatest extent possible, there are barely any tourist facilities, apart from a couple of huts owned by the reindeer herders. Trekking in the two national parks, Sarek and Padjelanta, is a true challenge. The region is described as Europe’s last wilderness. Most mountains are over 1,800 metres high and untouched by human influences. As soon as the conditions permit, we leave the established trails and quickly leave civilisation behind. We enter the solitude of the wilderness and experience the awesome massifs and glaciers in Lapland up close.

A number of rare animal species call this place home; bears, wolverines, lynx as well as wolves are often sighted. The mountains have been a grazing area for reindeer from time immemorial. Huge herds live here. Elk are also very common and are sure to cross our path. In autumn, we experience an unforgettable natural spectacle; when the trees turn yellow and the bushes red, the forests “burn”.

There is no minimum number of participants for our trek through the Sarek and Padjelanta region, so every tour is guaranteed to go ahead. If a tour is booked out, we will naturally hold an additional tour. We also believe that it is important to make sure that groups are kept small. This lets you enjoy nature even more intensively and makes it easier to relax.

Max. 6 persons per trekking tour.

The tour is designed as a camping trip. In some cases, the course of the tour may pass by mountain huts in which paid accommodation is possible. If a guest would like to stay in one of these huts or use their facilities, for which a payment is required, please note that these costs are not included in the tour price.


The fastest way to reach us is by plane. For flights to Stockholm-Arlanda, we recommend,,, sowie oder an.

From Stockholm, you continue your trip to Luleå with or to Arvidsjaur with nach Arvidsjaur. We will then pick you up from there.

A scenic alternative in summer, when the sun is setting, is a journey on the night train from Stockholm to Älvsbyn. In this case, you could also fly to Stockholm-Skavsta with Ryanair and then take the train.

You can find more information at, or by contacting us directly.

We recommend booking your flight and train travel early.

Please arrive by 7:00 p.m., as we would like to explain the function of the items of equipment, discuss the course of the tour and check your personal equipment on the evening of your arrival.


Day 1:

Welcome to trekking in Sarek/Padjelanta! We pick you up from the airport or train station and take you to the arctic-mountain-team guest house, a typical northern Swedish, simple but comfortable holiday home, where you will spend the first night.

Day 2:

In the morning, it’s finally time to get started. We take the minibus to the starting point of the tour. From this point, it’s all on foot. We start with a short first daily stage. The tent is our accommodation for the coming days.

Days 3-6 (or 13):

On the following days, we hike through a harsh, largely untouched mountain landscape with snow-covered peaks and enormous glaciers.

We carry everything that we need with us in our backpacks. On the plateaus, above the tree line, which is between about 600-700 m, the going is easy. The terrain up here is mostly flat and offers amazing views. We climb the world-famous Mount Skierfe and savour a spectacular view of the renowned Rapa Valley. This valley is known for its giant elk, which we might be lucky enough to observe and photograph.

We continue our hike through narrow valleys to the base of impressive glaciers, along thundering mountain streams, which we can cross at shallow points. We naturally also have sufficient time to relax and photograph the glorious landscape during the Sarek/Padjelanta trek. The sun is high in the sky, it only sets for a short time, with long days and very short nights.

We determine how long we want to hike for each day. There are plenty of beautiful camp sites with spectacular views, we simply choose the one that we like best. In the evening, once we have pitched our tents, we enjoy dinner and a couple of relaxing hours, maybe on a short photo tour or with a relaxing bathe in the clear lakes and streams.

After a number of eventful and exciting days, the tour comes to an end much too quickly and we reach our starting point.

Day 6 (13):

After arriving at the starting point, we are picked up and drive back to the camp, where, after a relaxing shower, we spend the final evening of the holiday enjoying a pleasant dinner.

Day 7 (14):

Unfortunately, time flies and our Sarek/Padjelanta trekking adventure has come to an end. The trip home lies ahead. We have had a relaxing time and everyone has fantastic photos and unforgettable experiences to look back on.

The tour also includes a week in the Sarek National Park and a week in the Padjelanta National Park.


No prior knowledge is necessary. You should be enthusiastic about experiencing nature and be in good condition.

You can find a list of personal items in our "Lapland Guide" (PDF-file). If you need additional equipment/clothing, we would be happy to help.

All tour participants carry their equipment/provisions with them in a backpack.

The focus is not on athletic performance, but rather on experiencing and relaxing in nature.

As we are away for several days, we naturally expect every participant to help with the daily chores, such as cooking, making a fire and chopping wood. We place a great emphasis on team work.


The following services are included:

  • All transfers from/to the Luleå Airport or from/to the Älvsbyn train station as well as to and from the tour area.
  • Accommodation in the arctic-mountain-team guest house on the first and second-last day of the trip as well as all camping accommodation during the tour
  • Guided tour with German-speaking tour leader, but we also speak English and Swedish
  • Food and drink during the entire trip (starting with dinner upon arrival and ending with breakfast on the departure day), except for alcoholic drinks
  • Equipment: expedition tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, cooker, dishes, cutlery, trekking poles, gaiters


Not included in the tour price:

  • Boat crossings by motor boat