Winter journey to the land of the northern lights

Experience the mighty peaks and glaciers in Lapland and climb Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise

Our snowshoe tour takes you to the region of Europe where you have the best chance of seeing the northern lights.

The snowshoe tour is organised in groups of no more than 6 people and takes you to a fascinating world of snow, ice and mountains that you will never forget. A tour for anyone who enjoys winter and who is looking for a very personal challenge. You will experience everything that the mountains in Lapland have to offer: rugged peaks, steep cliffs, vast plateaux, virgin forests and glaciers.

We start in one of Lapland’s most remote regions. The far north is characterised by impressive wilderness and an almighty, soothing silence, especially in winter. Largely free of people, it is harsh, but incomparably beautiful. Elk and reindeer live in the dense virgin forests, joined by the wolverine, always on the search for prey, as well as golden eagles, whose calls echo from the mountains.


The region in which our expedition will take place is located above the Arctic Circle and is primal and wild. This area is also your best opportunity to observe the northern lights throughout Europe.

The days are filled with snowshoe trekking, photographing and simply savouring the tranquillity and nature. We spend the nights in mountain huts with bedrooms and a kitchen.

We leave civilisation behind, enter the solitude of the white wilderness and experience Lapland’s mighty massifs up close.
Our destination is Sweden’s highest mountain. The ascent of Kebnekaise is a true challenge, especially in winter. The exposed position, well above the Arctic Circle, and the harsh Arctic mountain climate with icy temperatures, perennial ice cap and impressive glaciers place the over 2,000 m-high mountain in the same category as many peaks in the Alps.

To participate in the tour, individuals must be in adequate condition to complete a multi-day snowshoe tour in the mountains. Mountaineering training or knowledge is not required.

The daily stages are between 15 and 20 kilometres long.

Number of participants: 2 to max. 6 persons.


The fastest way to reach us is by plane. For flights to Stockholm-Arlanda, we recommend,,, sowie oder an.

From Stockholm, you continue your trip to Luleå with or to Arvidsjaur with nach Arvidsjaur. We will then pick you up from there.

An alternative to flying is a train journey. You can take the train from Stockholm directly to us in Älvsbyn.

You can find more information at, or by contacting us directly.

Just like flights, we recommend booking early.

Please arrive by 7:00 p.m., as we would like to explain the function of the items of equipment, such as the snowshoes, pulka, etc., discuss the course of the tour and check your personal equipment on the evening of your arrival.


On the day of arrival, we pick you up from the airport or train station and take you to our accommodation in the arctic-mountain-team guest house. Here, we discuss the course of the upcoming tour and the personal equipment. After an instruction in snowshoe trekking you will be able to take your first steps in snowshoes.

Our first night in Lapland is behind us and we start our tour.

On the way, we cross deep valleys carved into the landscape, wide, seemingly endless plateaus, cross untamed, wild streams and pass mountains covered in glaciers and spectacular peaks. A perfect world of snow and ice.

In our snowshoes, we continue onwards and follow the river valleys, just as our ancestors conquered the wilderness.

During the following days we will be enchanted by alpine glaciers and rugged mountain peaks as well as mighty river landscapes and valleys. Passing through this Arctic region is an unforgettable experience.

The light and air are indescribably pure and clear in this winter season.

The daily stages average between 10-15 km. We transport everything that we need in our pulkas (sledges) and only carry a light daypack on our backs. We spend the nights in mountain huts.

The daily destinations are planned so that we can conveniently reach them without being rushed. Sufficient opportunities for photography as well as rests are naturally provided.

We reach the starting point for Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain. After another night, we prepare ourselves for the ascent to the peak with a light daypack. There are several routes to the peak; we choose the one that we will take on the day taking account of the weather and snow conditions.

From the peak, we have an unforgettable view of the highest mountains in northern Scandinavia. The enormous Rabot Glacier lies directly at our feet. A world of glaciers, rugged peaks and vast plateaus, buried under a thick layer of snow and ice.

The absolute highlight of the tour, everyone wants to reach the summit.

After what is hopefully a successful summit day, we continue on towards Nikkaluokta. Alternatively, we can also use a transfer via snowmobile.

After a last night in Lapland, we start our journey home.


Apart from being in good condition, no prior knowledge is necessary. Snowshoe trekking is easy and can be learned by everyone.

You can find a list of personal items in our Travel Info (PDF-File).

As we are away for several days, we naturally expect every participant to help with the daily chores, such as cooking, making a fire and chopping wood. We place a great emphasis on team work.


The tour price includes:

  • All transfers from/to the Luleå Airport or from/to the Älvsbyn train station as well as to and from the tour area.
  • Accommodation in the arctic-mountain-team guest house on the first and last night of the trip
  • All accommodation in mountain huts during the tour
  • Guided tour with German-speaking tour leader, but we also speak English and Swedish
  • All catering (starting with dinner on the day of arrival and ending with breakfast on the day of departure), all non-alcoholic drinks, lunch packet on the tour (biscuits, chocolate, nuts, muesli bar)
  • Winter equipment: pulka, snowshoes, gaiters, trekking poles, hut sleeping bag, waterproof bags